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  • Dorlies von Kaphengst Meissner was born in 1943 in Pomerania, Germany, during     the turmoil of World War II. To avoid the advancing Russians, her mother fled with 18-month-old Dorlies and her siblings to a different part of the country. During this time, her father was fighting in the Battle of the Bulge for their country. Subsequently they were reunited with him and lived in a cramped section of an abandoned prisoner of war camp until 1952. Dorlies and her family finally emigrated to the U.S. and settled in Greeley, Colorado.

    Dorlies has been married to her husband Duane Rasmussen for 48 years and has two adult children with families of their own. She is retired now, but her career has spanned a variety of occupations that include real estate endeavors, community organizations, modeling petite clothing for specialty shops, and owning a distinguished and award-winning design studio called Designing Women & Associates, Inc. 

    Having a great passion for the study of history, culture, and human creation, and motivated by a promise she made to her parents, Dorlies has set out to record the remarkable story of her heritage. At the same time, she hopes to entertain her readers and raise their awareness that the world is not always as it appears, and that wars are created by politicians and not by humanity at large.

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Dorlies von Kaphengst- Meißner- Rasmussen

1033 Sailors Reef, Fort Collins, CO 80525, US

(970) 691-2651