Meet Dorlies


Aristocracy to Ashes is a six part book series written by Author Dorlies von Kaphengst who with a great passion for the study of history, culture and human creation and motivated by a promise made to her parents, Dorlies has set out to record the remarkable story of her heritage,

This first book Klein Pobloth Estate 1908-1937 details the life of my grandmother, Dolores von Kaphengst Krause Meissner, the twice-widowed stalwart of an estate known as Klein Pobloth. Under her guidance, the estate was saved from the brink of financial disaster, and despite living on a continent ravaged by World War I and in an economy inching toward chaos, was restored to its full and former glory. Her life was one of fame and fortune, but also of tragedy and heartbreak – a life that laid the perfect foundation for my father, Hans-Rudolf, and my mother, Ruth, to leave Klein Pobloth for the promise of a new beginning in America. 

This book is the beginning of an amazing and unique journey the von Kaphengst family struggles and strives through.